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little rufus! [ Monday  
27 November 2006
1:04 pm

[ mood | chipper ]

boy, do i have a treat for you!

my friend's mother was rufus' boy scout leader when he was a kid and i have a photo!Collapse )

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Essential Music #10 [ Friday  
19 May 2006
6:12 pm

[ mood | hungry ]

Dad to Martha and Rufus, Loudon Wainwright III has always been at his best when writing and singing of stark relationships or paying psychotic attention to minutiae. His songs, at their best, are remindful of Raymond Carver's poems and short stories. Compare this 1992 album's "When I'm at Your House" with Carver's "Neighbors," or "So Many Songs" with "Intimacy"; in both cases, former wives provide not only grist for the mill but also serve as unwilling vessels for self-discovery. History, Wainwright's thirteenth and arguably best album, could be Carver's Where I'm Calling From set to bass, banjo, violin, and drums.

A case could be made that History was Wainwright's first truly adult album. He sings and plays with his usual folky economy, only this time around, like John Lennon on Plastic Ono Band, he dispenses with allegory altogether. He comes across as a man whose days are numbered, a sad truth made real, no doubt, by the then recent death of his father. An urgency permeates the album. The only throwaway on History (from a man, thanks to introducing "Dead Skunk" to our popular culture, famous for his throwaways) is the a cappella misstep "Between." And the hilarious "Talking New Bob Dylan," which debuted on NPR to commemorate Dylan's fiftieth birthday, at first seems utterly disposable -- but turns out to be a nifty piece of rock criticism/self-appraisal and perhaps the most personal song on the album.

"Hitting You," wherein Wainwright confesses to spanking young Martha, is complemented by History's quiet centerpiece, "A Father and Son." Singing to an adolescent Rufus, Wainwright recounts his own father and his father's father, his mom's mom and dad, his ex-wife's family, and his own growing up ("Boys grow up to be grown men/And then men change back into boys again"). "We're having us a teenage middle-age war," he sings, searching for anything he and his son might have in common. All he can come up with is, "I don't wanna die, and you wanna live," which isn't much different than Carver's words to his own son years before:

We all do better in the future.

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[ Saturday  
24 December 2005
6:38 pm

happy holidays! ♥

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[ Friday  
4 November 2005
9:14 am

[ mood | hopeful ]

Here is the website where you can see my Rufus pics from the Nov. 2nd show! Hope you can see them okay!

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[ Thursday  
3 November 2005
8:50 am

[ mood | geeky ]

So I saw Rufus last night at the Beacon...fabulous show! His voice was on-point and the band didn't miss a single note. I took many many pictures which I will be posting promptly!

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[ Thursday  
29 September 2005
11:20 am

[ mood | cold ]

Hey-lo! *waves*
Another new one here! Excellent. Well, I'm Samantha, 18, Australian and a rather large Rutopian. I saw him play (with Martha, who was similarly amazing to see) earlier this year, and it was breathtakingly good. He really is brilliant; when onstage, it was bordering on impossible to take my eyes off him, he has such an intense presence. "Want Two" is also one of the best CD's I've bought recently (I finally got around to getting it), although I'm really, extremely, terribly miffed and confused to see that I actually haven't got a DVD with it, only the CD. Is that normal? Were there two copies released? Or has something serisouly un-cricket gone down at the CD store I bought it from? :( Ah well. The music alone was worth it, most definitely.
Oh, and I want to say that this looks fantastic. well done! Exciting things should happen :)

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Newbie! [ Friday  
23 September 2005
8:05 pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi all,
I'm a huge Rufus fan, and I'm glad I stumbled upon this community! I love meeting others who love him as much as I do. I first heard Rufus' voice when I took my youngest brother to see Shrek long ago, and have since then snatched up all his albums and have seen him once in concert (in 2001). I'm going again to see him Nov. 2nd at the Beacon in NYC, and I absolutely cannot wait. He is such an inspiration to me!
It's so nice meeting all of you!

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Newbie! [ Thursday  
8 September 2005
7:44 pm
Hiya, everyone. I'm a recent Rufus Fan. I bought Want Two over the summer, and FINALLY just watched the DVD today. I heard him first off the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack (because I'm just little obsessed with Ewan) and I had to hear him sing his own stuff. Anyway, I'm glad to be here :)
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newbie [ Thursday  
1 September 2005
2:10 pm

hi everyone,
i just joined :) it looks really nice!
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[ Sunday  
28 August 2005
8:35 pm

Well, hey, I said I'd join, so here I am!

Joining on pure laughter-high from Rufus calling his fans rutopians.

I wonder what made him say that..

Anyway, just thought I'd better say something, and not just add this to my friends list without introducing myself..
So hi, I'm Maebh ("Mave", so you don't need to ask ^__^), I'm nearly seventeen, and I live in Ireland. What I want more than anything right now is a cello so I can learn to play it, and wow all my friends with Rufus'

Anywho, better go for now,
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